Monday, July 27, 2009


Well the weekend is over and Heather and I are exhausted! We were only homeless one night; I can't imagine that being a permanent thing.
It was great to get to see some people we recognized, but it's sad how few showed up. It seems to be a cause no one cares about and would rather not think about. It's interesting how we tend to only want to support causes that make us feel good. I hope and pray that the people that attended on Friday night can make some more people aware and can bring that number way down from 1287. Especially considering that the average age is 9 years old!! We have to look around and start helping those that need help. If we have extra, which most of us do, why can't we give it away? Do we really need all those extra coats, shoes, jeans, shirts, etc?? Is it really too much to ask to give some canned food or a pack of socks?

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